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Just Cause: Mobile APK is the mobile version of the popular PC game of the same name. It was introduced to gamers not long ago and promises to be a new super product for mobile. Join it with us now before entering your explosive action battle.

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Introduce about Just Cause: Mobile

Just Cause: Mobile – New super product in 2022

Recently, mobile gamers are talking about an upcoming action game, which is Just Cause: Mobile. It is the mobile version of Just Cause for PC and is expected to be released in late 2021. It will be developed and published by a new team led by Square Enix rather than the developer behind the PC version, Avalanche Studios.

Just Cause: Mobile

This game is one of the important upcoming projects of Square Enix. They first introduced it in March 2021 with a very eye-catching trailer. However, according to the latest news, they will delay the launch time of Just Cause: Mobile until 2022, not the end of 2021 as originally planned. The reason is due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic affecting the game development schedule. However, this game also has a beta version for testing and you can find it in MODDED-1.

Thrilling action gameplay with a well-rounded plot

Joining Just Cause: Mobile, players will have the opportunity to explore a new action world set in the Just Cause universe. It is an extremely large place with a map area of ​​up to thousands of kilometers with many areas from mountains to valleys, jungles, architectural works. Here, gamers will join the agency’s team and against Darkwater’s army. Your opponent is a group of well-trained foreigners who are the agency’s biggest threat. So your task this time doesn’t seem as simple as usual.

Players will join the game as apprentice soldiers of the Agency. They will accompany the old members of the organization in battles from small to large to upgrade experience. There will be a series of tasks to perform every day, such as attacking enemy bases, stealing resources, destroying a certain number of enemies. Prepare your guns and equipment, a new war is about to begin, and promise promises to explode beyond your imagination.

Complete character system

Although only participating in the game in a single role, players can fully feel the game content thanks to the association with the complete character system. Just Cause: Mobile brings many popular characters on the PC version such as Annika, Teo, and a series of other names in the Just Cause series. They are the key elements in the Agency, playing the role of leading gamers into the game’s plot. They will suggest to players information about enemies, maps, strategies,… so that you soon grasp the rules of the game. Besides, together with them you will develop a new story and decide its ending.

download just cause mobile apk

The game currently offers 2 main game modes, single-mode and multiplayer mode. However, the multiplayer mode or co-op is the most important, so teamwork and interaction are necessary. Players will join 3 teammates to perform missions and receive rewards. The further you go, the more complex the tasks will be, requiring effective cooperation between team members and efforts to upgrade characters, equipment,…

High-class vehicle and item system

We are really impressed with the item systems in Just Cause: Mobile. It offers a wide range of advanced weapons and vehicles, from guns, grenades, tanks, armored vehicles, and more. In addition, there are many means of flight support such as wings, paragliders. They are necessary to deploy the eye-catching action battles that you have always been looking forward to. However, unlike normal action games, everything in this game is in a modern style. Not only looks, but they also possess powerful abilities and vivid performance effects.

3D graphics with Unreal Engine 4 support

download just cause mobile mod

No wonder this game is highly rated in terms of graphics. Because it possesses premium 3D quality with the support of Unreal Engine 4, allowing it to create a more realistic and vivid experience than ever before. The game context is also really diverse with a large map, other details in the game from characters to vehicles and items are also very diverse. Besides, we must mention the smooth described movements, responsive touch controls, etc. Moreover, the game also has an intuitive voice chat system, which helps gamers communicate with allies and in-game story development.

How to install Just Cause: Mobile

Step 1: Download the version Just Cause: Mobile (APK or MOD) to your Android device at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Open “settings” on the device and enable unknown settings for Just Cause: Mobile APK or MOD file.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and install it.

Step 4: Open the game when it finishes installing, wait a few seconds for it to start up, and download the data, then you can play the game right away.

Download Just Cause: Mobile APK for Android

Just Cause: Mobile will be a super product that every gamer has been waiting for a long time. While not as perfect as the PC version, everything is great to play on the mobile platform. Thorough content, smooth action gameplay, vivid effects, responsive touch, eye-catching 3D graphics, is what you can find in this game. So it is a really attractive choice for your leisure time.

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