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Ruby Game Studio
Update OnApril 26, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK is back with much stronger improvements than the first version. If you are a fan of action games with role-playing elements, this game will definitely make you feel satisfied. First, please refer to this article to be able to better understand this game.

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Introduce about Hunter Assassin 2

Hunter Assassin 2 – Assassins, enemies, and nukes

The overwhelming success of the first version of Hunter Assassin made the publisher Ruby Game Studio develop the next version immediately. If the previous version has achieved more than 100 million installs, then Hunter Assassin 2 promises to bring players a better experience in many aspects.

download hunter assassin 2 mod apk

By joining the game, players will still be able to become cold-blooded assassins with the task of destroying all enemies at each level. The special thing here is that you will have new weapons, not just a regular knife like the previous version. So there are many ways to kill enemies, but not everything is easy for your character. Currently, players can download the game through the App Store or Google Play. Thereby, enjoy the sequel to the game in the top 5 most downloaded games in 2020.

Background and gameplay

Basically, the context and gameplay of Hunter Assassin 2 will not change too much compared to the previous version. So we will not talk too much about them. This game is still set in large construction, where boxes of goods are placed everywhere to provide safety for criminal gangs. Somehow, an assassin sneaked in here with the aim of taking down every enemy in search of something.

Accordingly, the enemies will patrol continuously around the map and their vision will be limited to a certain area. Players need to do everything in silence, and of course, have to dodge the light emitted by the guards’ flashlights if they don’t want to be detected. In general, the gameplay of this game is really simple with a one-touch operation on the screen. That is, the player will be assigned the right direction to move as well as the right time to attack for this killer guy.

Simple but hard to win

As you can see, Hunter Assassin 2 is a typical arcade game. So the difficulty of each level will increase after each level. In the first stages, everything is relatively simple so that players can easily access how the game works. Then, you will have to act very slowly, observe and take advantage of the enemy’s openings to destroy them.

Unlike the first version, this game allows players to attack enemies from a distance with a gun in hand. However, you should not be too ostentatious. Because the most important point of Hunter Assassin 2 will still be the reasonable calculation and hiding of the player. No matter how strong your character is, it is still an impossible task for 1 person to fight 99 enemies.

The brand new character system

The first change from Hunter Assassin 2 is probably in the completely new assassin system. Not only stopping at the agility index like the first version, but the players in this game also have a lot of new stats that players need to consider. Including survival stats, attack power, levels, or even merging to upgrade, etc.

If you want to overcome difficult challenges at a later stage, owning new assassins is essential for any player. Each character in the game possesses unique strengths and weaknesses waiting for you to discover. Besides, do not forget to change different characters through the character rotation system at the store with diamonds collected through each level.

Support items

Although the weapons in Hunter Assassin 2 are quite diverse as well as the ability to continuously upgrade. But publisher Ruby Game Studio still wants to give players different Power-ups to support combat in critical situations. The effectiveness of these support items is unquestionable. Because a missile, tank, or nuclear warhead is enough to wipe out the enemy’s shadow in each level. Of course, these power-ups will appear randomly and you won’t be able to use them very often.

Graphics and sound have improved

Although the quality of the 2D graphics remains the same, everything in Hunter Assassin 2 is much easier to see and beautiful than the first version. Thanks to that, players can look around the map to make the right moves in all situations. In addition, the sounds in the game also create a certain excitement for players. These can be mentioned as the sound when picking up diamonds from the enemy, or the sound of gunfire coming out vividly intense confrontations. All are designed appropriately, enough to give players a sense of excitement when experiencing.

How to install Hunter Assassin 2

Step 1: You need to download the version of Hunter Assassin 2 (APK or MOD) released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your Android phone, allow the game “Hunter Assassin 2” to access the settings.

Step 3: Open the file Hunter Assassin 2_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Click install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Hunter Assassin 2 MOD APK for Android

Hunter Assassin 2 still gives players moments of extreme entertainment in addition to improvements in many aspects. This game attracts players thanks to the traditional simple gameplay, the strategy in each level along the beautiful graphics quality. Hopefully, it will achieve outstanding achievements like what the previous version did.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money

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