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Update OnJanuary 31, 2022
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Become Godzilla and destroy the world blink of an eye with the game GODZILLA DESTRUCTION. Don’t think you can control the war when you’re big, because a lot of destruction machines are around to destroy you. Can you fight them all to become the most powerful lord on this planet? Join the game to try all the challenges.

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GODZILLA DESTRUCTION – A product in the game series about Godzilla

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GODZILLA DESTRUCTION is an action game from TOHO. It is part of this publisher’s Godzilla series of games and was released not long ago. In terms of content, this game revolves around the battle between Godzilla monsters and humans, but it is reproduced in a rather unique way. Godzilla is now the main character, and he will roam this world to become the ruler of the planet. Humans are small creatures that lie at your feet but have strong resistance. Which side would you like more? If you’re interested in being Godzilla, GODZILLA DESTRUCTION is for you. Let’s see what it has now.

The beautiful city will be the battlefield

Entering the game, what you see first is a lavish city, splendid with skyscrapers. But that’s only temporary goodness. A Godzilla appeared from the sea, trampling on buildings, streets and wanting to destroy everything. But instead of playing the role of a hero to fight against Godzilla and protect the peace, the player will do the opposite in this game. This is the time to try what it feels like to be the villain and destroy the human world. And this beautiful city will be your battlefield. Want to become the strongest, you should not hesitate and regret.

Show your skills

GODZILLA DESTRUCTION is packed with unique skills to fight against human weapon machines. Specifically, it can spit out sparks from long distances or attack directly with the hand. Besides, when leveling up, players will unlock more new skills. The special thing is that these skills do not need to be activated to use, but they will automatically deploy on the target. Therefore, players will see not too many function buttons on the experience screen.

Expand your area

GODZILLA DESTRUCTION offers many different levels, and each level will be limited to a specific area. Only when killing all enemies in that area can the player unlock other areas of the map. Gradually, they can capture many important bases to expand their journey to conquer the world. Each area will have its own characteristics of the terrain, and that also affects the strategy of each player. In addition, at each level, the game will bring different and increasingly difficult challenges. So get ready to fight wherever you are, especially in the face of bullet-filled battle machines.

Pay attention to the amount of HP

Your Godzilla and human fighting machines will possess a certain amount of HP. While Godzilla’s are blue, the machines’ are red. Each character’s HP will gradually decrease when they are injured and increase gradually if they are not attacked for a period of time. That means you don’t need a first aid kit or anything to recover. Just make sure to stay away from the enemy’s gunfire, you can heal and keep fighting.

Just a few taps to fight

There is no need to do too many things in this game, but players can also experience it in a fascinating way. Looking at the screen, you will see a large control button, with 4 directions left, right, up, and down. It helps the player to adjust the direction of Godzilla’s movement for attack or defense. Besides, just touch the screen at the target to attack the enemy. There are no other function buttons that you need to care about. It’s simple right?

Graphics 3D

GODZILLA DESTRUCTION possesses beautiful 3D graphics along with a unique design style. The details in the game from the characters to the context are carefully described, contributing to the authentic experience that every gamer looks forward to. In addition, the effects when fighting are also quite impressive, especially the scenes of fire burning everywhere. It made us feel overwhelmed by the grandeur and liveliness of the top battles. However, according to some user reviews, the game often lags when playing. But its publisher will soon fix this and further upgrade the quality of the experience.


If you have never downloaded and installed GODZILLA DESTRUCTION APK MOD at our website, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download the version (Original APK) of GODZILLA DESTRUCTION from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On Android phone, unlock unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the file GODZILLA DESTRUCTION_modded-1.com.apk. Tap install.

Step 4: Complete the installation, you will see the game icon “GODZILLA DESTRUCTION”.


A new style of an action game like GODZILLA DESTRUCTION will surely make you feel excited. As a Godzilla monster, you will destroy everything that stands in your way and become a hegemony. However, this great journey will encounter many challenges and destruction from people. They won’t let you overtake them easily just because you’re big and have ultimate strength. Each individual has its own weaknesses and you need to know your own and the enemy’s weaknesses to gain the upper hand on the battlefield.

MOD Feature:

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