Fury Unleashed 1.8.17 APK + MOD [Unlimited Money/Points] Download

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Update OnJanuary 5, 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Points
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Fury Unleashed MOD APK is an action-adventure game with a classic roguelike style. There, you will control a hero with a weapon in his hand and overcome the most difficult challenges. Get ready to fight countless fantasy enemies and giant bosses on your journey.

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Introduce about Fury Unleashed

Fury Unleashed – Classic shooting challenges with a side-scrolling style

If you love an action experience that combines adventure with classic arcade-style, Fury Unleashed is the best for you. It will take gamers on an unprecedented fantasy adventure following a complete storyline. The game’s plot is the content of a book from the author of the Fury Unleashed series. It consists of many comic pages one after another and now you will discover them all. Things in each story page come alive and frenetic. So let’s find out what happened and if one hero can solve it all.

Fury Unleashed

The game is now available on the mobile platform for you to play right on a pocket device. Gamers can download it to their phones and play right away without spending more than a few minutes to reach. Simple gameplay, vivid graphics and sounds, and the rich item collection will take gamers on an unprecedented action-adventure journey. Everything is fresh every time they come back, creating endless inspiration.

Play the role of a hero and conquer the challenge

Continuing with the game’s story, gamers will play the role of a hero and deal with the wrath of the creatures on each comic page. Your mission is to destroy all enemies, whether they are skeletons, mutants, robots, monsters, aliens, and bosses. The hero’s journey will go through many levels. Each level is a story page. So, the further they go, the more they will have the opportunity to explore the contents of the original series. Furthermore, the challenge will become more and more difficult as the story progresses. See how far you can go.

To fight, gamers need to master action manipulations. Specifically, it includes several desktop icons. They will use the joystick on the left to control the character forward, backward, and jump. At the same time, they need to adjust the direction of the shot using the joystick on the right. In addition, other weapons and support items will be visually displayed on the screen. Gamers just need to touch the corresponding icon to use them right away. In the battle journey, they need to coordinate their operations smoothly. Enemies won’t wait for you, so being slow means dying.

Unlimited upgrades

Your journey in Fury Unleashed will get more and more complicated. Enemies will grow larger and stronger over time, requiring the hero’s relentless progress. To progress, gamers need to practice movement and combat skills. At the same time, they need to make important upgrades, such as upgrading the hero’s level and equipping him with the necessary equipment. Heroes will improve their combat skills, defense, HP, damage, and more when equipped with guns, watches, shields, and boosters.

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In terms of weapons, there are quite a few different types to use. Melee weapons include swords and knives. In the ranged weapons area, there are many types of guns and especially bombs. Bombs are often used in emergency situations when you want to destroy a group of enemies instead of a single target. Guns are the most versatile weapon that gamers can use at any time. In the battle with the boss, gamers will need other unique skills. But most of all, to go far, they need wise movement strategy and the ability to shoot accurately.

Adventure through the pages of a comic book

As introduced, Fury Unleashed is an adventure through the pages of the original comic book. Therefore, gamers will have the opportunity to explore things like never before in a 2D fantasy world. Each story page will bring its own challenges and enemies, and the map and terrain of each story page will change dynamically. If gamers fail, they will return again in a completely new context. This is your chance to adventure from jungle to dungeon, outer space, and beyond. The further you go, the richer your story will be. Countless mysteries will make you unable to ignore them.

Classic and vivid 2D design

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The game will impress gamers with its vivid 2D design. It depicts an extremely beautiful fantasy world setting with colorful and fanciful colors. The images of enemies, monsters, and bosses are very creative. The hero’s movements and each attack are smooth and come with eye-catching effects. The sound from gunfire, voice acting, and background music is equally great.

How to install Fury Unleashed

Step 1: Download Fury Unleashed MOD APK via the link in this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and open the game once the installation is complete.

Step 3: You can play the game right after logging into the game.

FAQs about Fury Unleashed

1: Can I play games online?

Fury Unleashed can be played both online and offline. If you play online, you can join the competition with your friends.

2: What is special about the MOD version of the game?

Currently, we have not updated the MOD version of this game here. Please wait a little longer to download the amazing MOD that provides you with endless useful features.

3: What devices can the MOD run on?

The MOD version of the game can be downloaded and works on mobile devices with the Android platform.

Download Fury Unleashed APK & MOD for Android

Fury Unleashed is an adventure filled with mystery and inspiration. Get ready to play the hero, explore the vivid comic pages and conquer every challenge. You can practice your shooting, movement, and strategy skills like a real hero here. Treasures, weapons, resources, and more are the rewards of your journey.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Points


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