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Five nights at Floppa MOD APK is a horror game inspired by the famous FNAF series. In the game, the player will become a night shift security guard with the task of preserving the store’s assets. But a lot of interesting events took place, what is it really? Let’s join this game to understand better.

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Introduce about Five nights at Floppa

Five nights at Floppa – A fangame of the classic horror FNAF game

If you are a lover of horror movies, or especially horror games, it is certainly no stranger to the name Five Nights at Freddy’s. Up to the present time, it is also one of the most loved horror games. Therefore, there have been many versions inspired by this game, among them the appearance of Five nights at Floppa.

Five nights at Floppa

Basically, this is a product from the publisher FreezyCat. They have released a lot of games inspired by the image of cats, and cats are also the villains that you will have to confront in this game. Although it is only a version based on the original, Five nights at Floppa has really attracted players around the world. More specifically, it has achieved more than 1 million installs on Google Play along with many positive reviews.

Dark background

Similar to other FNAF versions, Five nights at Floppa will bring players to a dark background. This is a medium-sized company, during the day it is a very busy place with the appearance of many employees and customers. However, things get really bad at night, strange events keep happening that make people not dare to stay here at night. As a security officer, you need to monitor everything and make sure that no one can break in and steal the equipment in the company. However, things are not so simple, there seems to be something watching you from the dark, it’s like a cat.

Simple but addictive gameplay

The gameplay of this game is relatively simple. All that the player needs to do is observe the security camera from the security room. More specifically, Five nights at Floppa provides players with a total of 9 different areas through an intuitive camera system. Your task is not to let anyone break into the security room if you do not want to be threatened with life.

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Gradually, strange events will take place continuously at night to bring fear to players. Don’t worry too much, it’s just the appearance of a strange cat named Floppa. But it is no ordinary cat, it was born to hunt at night and anyone can become a good prey for this cat. Of course, Floppa is not friendly at all, and especially it only appears at night.

Use electricity sensibly

Five nights at Floppa gives players a bigger challenge than observing data through security cameras. That is, you only have a limited amount of electricity to use at night. And all actions related to power consumption such as opening lights, closing doors, or observing cameras will consume a significant amount of electricity. Therefore, you need to think carefully before taking any action. Just miscalculate how to use electricity, you will lose the right to decide life in this game.

The change of the villain

If you’ve ever enjoyed any of the games in the FNAF series before, you’ll certainly be familiar with the mechanical beasts. They are also seen as a common symbol of the FNAF series but were completely removed in Five nights at Floppa. Instead, the game’s villains are cats, led by a wildcat named Floppa. They constantly appear to mess up at night, not just to scare, you can lose your life if they are discovered.

Simple graphics, easy to visualize

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The way to develop the graphics of this game is relatively simple but enough to make players feel excited. The available details are depicted with relative success, from the context of the areas in the company to the image of the cat Floppa. All are shown very well, and especially very smoothly, so you can enjoy the game stably on many different devices. In addition, the sound element in the game is also integrated very reasonably to give players a feeling of suspense during the enjoyment.

How to install Five nights at Floppa

Step 1: Download Five nights at Floppa at Modded-1.com via the link at the bottom of this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file by clicking on it and selecting Install.

Step 3: After installation is complete, the game icon will appear on the phone screen. Just click to open and play the game right away.

Note, if you have any other version of the game on your phone, please uninstall it first.

Download Five Nights at Floppa MOD APK for Android

Unlike simple horror games, Five nights at Floppa gives players puzzle gameplay, intense mind battles with the cat Floppa. Do you have enough confidence and bravery to help the character survive five nights at this company? The answer will appear as soon as you download the game to your device and experience it immediately.

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