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Update OnOctober 26, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 7.0
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ECHOES of MANA MOD APK is an RPG game in the popular Mana series from the publisher SQUARE ENIX. After the previous announcement, this game has officially appeared on mobile devices in the form of pre-registration. If you want, you can become one of the first to play the game by downloading it through the APK link below.

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Introduce about ECHOES of MANA

ECHOES of MANA – Super product RPG mobile game following the famous Mana series


According to the announcement from the publisher, ECHOES of MANA is about to be officially released globally and supports both Android and iOS. In this game, players will be involved in an epic adventure inspired by the famous Mana series. Accordingly, you will still form a party of four characters to fight other opponents along the way. You can also switch characters quickly when fighting for the best attack effect. In addition, ECHOES of MANA will have some new characters in the seemingly unchanged setting that is sure to get you excited.

Continuing the story from the Mana series

ECHOES of MANA still exploits the context from the universe of the previous Mana series. Here, all events take place from the great Mana Tree. After a long time of development, this great tree suddenly changed color, and withered, leading to the decline of the world. The only way to help the great Mana Tree return to normal is to find the whereabouts of the legendary sword god named Mana Sword.

As one of the best warriors in the world, players need to quickly form a party to search for the divine sword Mana Sword. Besides, the support of the goddess Mana will help you a lot in your adventure journey around the world. From here, you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends, fight against enemies and find clues to where the Mana Sword is kept.

Typical ARPG gameplay

The ARPG gameplay in ECHOES of MANA is relatively familiar to many players. Still the usual role-playing style, but this game allows players to control 4 characters at the same time and switch back and forth in certain situations. Therefore, the tactics in each match will increase significantly. If you are not careful, you will be easily defeated.

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After each battle, players will receive a certain amount of bonus and experience. You will use these resources to make your heroes stronger. After some common challenges, you also have to face Bosses possessing impressive strength. Accordingly, Boss battles are described with realism, so players will feel interesting in what happens on the screen.

Various modes

There will be many different modes appearing in ECHOES of MANA for players to choose freely. They are copies, Boss fights, and especially co-op mode where players from all over the world can make friends, team up and go through different missions. Of course, you can also compete against different opponents led by players around the world. If you win, you will receive many trophies and increase your score on the leaderboard.

Familiar characters

By joining the game, you will have the opportunity to accompany a lot of characters from the previous parts. Typically, the appearance of Sumo, Amanda, Julius, Dark Lord (from Adventures of Mana) or Popoi, Randi, and Primm (from Secret of Mana). Of course, it is indispensable for the appearance of a series of new characters that will surely make you feel excited.

Besides, each character has different characteristics, skills, appearance, and fighting style. Thanks to that, you will be free to choose and build your own unique fighting styles, which change continuously after each match. Moreover, the constant character change feature will help you create beautiful combo sequences to defeat your opponent quickly.

Classic 2D graphics

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The graphics quality of ECHOES of MANA is only 2D, but what appears on the screen will definitely make you feel impressed. Most of the images in the game are designed in a classic style to give players a feeling of familiarity and nostalgia. Moreover, the worldview also has a neatness in each design line. So, you will have the opportunity to set foot in many different lands, from majestic caves to dangerous waterfalls. In addition, the characters are also very diverse with many different styles.

How to install ECHOES of MANA

Step 1: Download ECHOES of MANA APK version at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Allow installation of ECHOES of MANA file on your phone by unlocking unknown source installation.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and select “Tap install”.

Step 4: Launch the game and play as soon as the installation is complete.

Download ECHOES of MANA MOD APK for Android

Although not yet officially launched, ECHOES of MANA has quickly received the love of many players around the world. This game performs very well in many different aspects, from gameplay, and storyline to excellent graphics quality. Do not miss the appearance of this game if you are a loyal fan of the famous Mana series.

Features MOD:

  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Unlimited Skill Usage
  • One Hit Kill
  • Weak Enemy


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