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Update OnAugust 13, 2022
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Dungeon Munchies APK is a scrolling combat role-playing game that has just been released on the mobile platform. You will have the opportunity to explore endless dungeons with the appearance of giant monsters. First, think about how to fight the enemies around you because they can destroy you at any time.

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Introduce about Dungeon Munchies

Dungeon Munchies – Action RPG inspired by dungeons

Dark dungeons always bring players surprises and difficult challenges. Join Dungeon Munchies, you will somewhat understand this through the endless journey of the main character. The main task of the player is to destroy the monsters in the dungeon, cook them and eat them to unlock new abilities.

Dungeon Munchies

Facing diverse challenges in the dungeon will make you very difficult, so the combination of dishes is essential for you to continue your journey. Currently, the product from the publisher maJAJa is available on Google Play. But players will have to pay a fee equivalent to $ 13.49 to be able to download and experience. You can also save this fee by downloading the APK file through the APK link below this article.

Global food shortage

The story in Dungeon Munchies begins in a fictional world where technology and science have become extremely advanced. But with that comes a serious food shortage problem that has not been completely resolved. The shortage of food is an alarming problem that makes people’s lives much more difficult. That is also the challenge that you will face when participating in Dungeon Munchies. Get ready to create new dishes, although the ingredients are a bit strange. You need to make a trade-off to have a hearty meal.

Face the challenges in the dungeon

The gameplay of Dungeon Munchies revolves around intense battles in endless dungeons. You will have to control the main character to defeat all enemies in each level to collect ingredients and cook delicious dishes. The game screen will take place in a horizontal scrolling style, so everything looks very familiar and accessible to many players. Use combat skills and common weapons against opponents on the screen. Of course, you need to constantly improve the strength of the main character by enjoying nutritious dishes prepared by the enemies themselves.

Varied menu

download dungeon munchies mod

Up to the present time, Dungeon Munchies allows players to cook 7 different types of dishes. You need to combine the materials obtained scientifically to optimize the main character’s strength. It can be a delicious guava juice, five-spice shrimp, famous stir-fried crab, and more. Each dish will have a different effect on the main character’s health.

Also, each time you eat a new dish, your character will change its appearance, unlock new skills, and more. Remember that you will not be able to use the money to improve the main character’s strength. Instead, there is only one way, which is to defeat the enemy, collect ingredients and cook delicious food to nourish the main character.

Craft powerful weapons

Besides making dishes, the ingredients in Dungeon Munchies can also be used to make powerful weapons. In fact, the new weapon will help you increase the rate of defeating the enemy in each battle. Moreover, you can also pair weapons with your favorite dishes to create more effective combat combos. Most weapons are made from parts of animals and plants that you cannot eat. In general, each material in the game has its own effect, so you need to learn their information carefully.

Classic pixel-style graphics

download dungeon munchies apk

Dungeon Munchies possesses a relatively classic design with a built-in pixel style. Although the design is somewhat simple, believe me, the images in the game are enough to attract you thanks to the eye-catching visual effects. The skills of the characters and opponents are also shown very well, along with a dark dungeon environment that will make you always feel excited. Besides, the sound in the game also makes a strong impression thanks to the lively background music and the sound clips emitted during the battle.

How to install Dungeon Munchies

Step 1: Click on the Dungeon Munchies APK link below this article to download the game for your Android phone.

Step 2: To install the MOD, please go to “settings” and enable the installation of unknown sources.

Step 3: Now you can open the Dungeon Munchies_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file and install it.

Step 4: Wait until the installation is complete, you can open the game and play right away.

FAQs about Dungeon Munchies

1: How can I play Dungeon Munchies for free?

It’s very simple, you just need to download the APK version at our website to enjoy the full content of this game for free.

2: How is the APK version of Dungeon Munchies different from the version on Google Play?

The entire contents of both versions are the same. However, our APK version will allow you to play the game for free instead of paying to download it like on Google Play.

3: Does this game have a MOD version?

Unfortunately, the MOD version of Dungeon Munchies is not available at the moment. Please wait a little longer.

Download Dungeon Munchies APK for Android

It can be seen that the gameplay of Dungeon Munchies will not change significantly compared to the original version on the PC or Console platform. Of course, this game will also have notable improvements to make it more optimal on mobile devices. Besides the familiar gameplay, this game is also addictive by classic pixel images and vivid sounds. Check it out by downloading and enjoying it now.

Features MOD:

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