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Immerse yourself in the ultimate tank battles combined with military elements in Clash of Panzer APK to feel the vibrant atmosphere of the battlefield right away. The special thing is that what is shown in this game is made in a standard 1:1 ratio in reality, promising to bring you an extremely satisfying experience.

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Introduce about Clash of Panzer

Clash of Panzer – Action game combined with realistic tank shooting element

Clash of Panzer is an action game that gives players an extremely attractive tank combat experience. The player’s task is to control his tank to destroy all enemies on the screen. You will not be alone in this intense battle, but also with the help of other teammates.

Clash of Panzer

The team battle will make everything much more attractive and lively. At the same time, the publisher FUNPLAY Games also offers many realistic-inspired tank models along with a diverse map system that will surely make you feel excited. With over 1 million installs on Google Play, we believe this tank shooting game will not let you down.

Join the modern tank war

The main content in Clash of Panzer revolves around modern tank battles through diverse combat environments. In each match, you will have to control your tank effectively to be able to destroy the opponent as soon as possible. Moreover, you also have to coordinate well with the teammates around to increase the win rate. After each battle, the player will receive rewards corresponding to the previous achievement. It can be level-up exp, different tiering materials, money, and more.

Intuitive control system

The game has extremely easy-to-understand controls that will surely enhance your experience. Moreover, you will not see a virtual steering wheel in this game, but the appearance of many different types of manipulations for movement.

Typically, it has the appearance of Exit (backward), Stop, Half (go slow), and All (go fast). On the right side of the screen is the appearance of combat operations such as reloading, aiming, and shooting. In general, the main job of the player is to move efficiently and shoot the opponent accurately.

Diverse game modes

download clash of panzer mod

There are countless attractive game modes that you can choose from when participating in Clash of Panzer. They are solo, team, campaign, online multiplayer, and more. Accompanying that is the separate operation of each game mode that will make players alternate so as not to get bored. No matter which game mode you choose, your most important goal is to destroy every opponent on the wall to win. New game modes will also be added from time to time in the next updates.

Realistic tank system

The appearance of real-life tank prototypes will make Clash of Panzer more enjoyable. Typically, it has familiar models such as Tiger, Black Leopard, T34, T72, T90, Leopard II, Centurion, AH64, and more. Each type of tank possesses different parameters as well as different ways of fighting.

There are several types of tanks that take on the role of Tanker in each battle, while others show flexibility in movement or have the ability to deal powerful damage. Based on the tank selections of other members, you should make the most effective choice in each match. In addition, this game also allows players to improve the durability, firepower, rotation speed of the gun emplacement, and many other things for their tanks.

Fight on 30 different battlefields

The player’s battle process in Clash of Panzer will be spread across many different battlefields. Up to now, this game has more than 30 battlefields for players to explore freely. It can be areas covered with snow or busy urban areas with the appearance of beautiful buildings and more. Each environment in the game will have a different design and combat environment. From there, giving players a very different fighting experience.

Realistic 3D graphics

download clash of panzer apk

The beautiful 3D graphics built into Clash of Panzer will bring you an extremely satisfying combat experience. This game has a well-thought-out design with details that are simulated to resemble reality that promises to make you enjoy. Besides the diverse battlefield, you also enjoy colorful battle effects and a friendly user interface. In addition, the sound factor also contributes significantly to creating an exciting atmosphere on the battlefield when playing the game.

How to install Clash of Panzer

Step 1: Download the APK version of Clash of Panzer from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Enable the unknown source feature for the MOD feature to work.

Step 3: Tap Install on the downloaded file.

Step 4: Finally, you open the game and enjoy it.

Download Clash of Panzer APK for Android

Join the modern war with many types of advanced tanks in Clash of Panzer will make you feel satisfied. There are many opponents that you need to face on the battlefield. Therefore, prepare mentally with effective fighting skills to win every match.

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