Blockbusters MOD APK 1.0.1 (Dumb Enemies, No Ads) Download

Heyworks LLC
Update OnDecember 30, 2021
MOD FeaturesDumb Enemies, No Ads
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Blockbusters MOD APK is a third-person shooter game with varied game modes and engaging 3D graphics. Choose a hero, equip your weapon and start your war with other players around the world.

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Introduce about Blockbusters

Blockbusters is a new product from publisher Heyworks LLC. It is currently available and free on Google Play for devices with the Android platform. Owned has classic shooting gameplay with a unique character and weapon system. Therefore, it will bring a new experience for gamers who love shooting games that incorporate role-playing elements.

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Compared to the hit games of the same genre, Blockbusters is not so outstanding because its fighting mechanism is quite simple. But in return, owns beautiful 3D graphics and smooth motion effects. That is the reason why this game quickly gained a certain number of fans since its launch.


As mentioned above, Blockbusters has fairly simple gameplay, which is most evident in the fighting mechanics. Players will choose a character and their favorite weapon, then start participating in matches. One point to note is that players can only use one weapon during a game screen. So don’t think that you can pick up the guns of the dead enemies.

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Unlike games of the same genre, Blockbusters only offers a 3rd perspective that allows players to clearly observe the whole scene. But instead, gamers cannot have a genuine sense of what’s going on in the match. This is the downside of the 3rd perspective. When using a gun, the player just needs to point the “cross” at the enemy and the character will shoot automatically. That means you don’t need to aim and shoot manually but be mindful of the gun’s recoil.

Game mode

Currently, Blockbusters owns 2 main modes, which are the default mode and the PvP mode. With the default mode, players will participate in Team Deathmatch matches in the 6v6 format, for a default 2-minute period. That means you not only fighting alone but also with your teammates. When the time is up, the team that has the more kills wins and receives the rewards from the game.

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In addition, when you are ready for more challenging challenges, participate in PvP online matches to compete with gamers around the world. Gamers will also fight with their teammates and team members will be randomly matched. Of course, players on both teams are at the same level so as not to make a difference in fighting skills. In this mode, make sure your Internet connection is good to avoid lag leading to AFK.

Characters and weapons

Blockbusters provide a variety of characters and weapons systems, suitable to the preferences of many players. Each character in the game is not only different in appearance but also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some characters can possess high HP and stamina, suitable for melee combat with weapons such as axes and swords. Meanwhile, some have poor HP but possess great damage, suitable for hitting at a distance with snipers.

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As can be seen, characters and weapons are two important things that need to be harmonized. Players cannot fight with bare hands, but choose a weapon that truly matches the nature and skill of the character. Furthermore, in a squad, the characters should be chosen differently to aid each other during the match. At least one sniper character and one tanker are required.


Thanks to the simple combat mechanism, Blockbusters will possess quite an optimal control system. Players only need to touch the multi-dimensional key on the left side of the screen to move the character and use the right hand to drag the “cross” adjustment to the position of the enemy. Those are the actions that every gamer needs to grasp. It is a lot simpler than other shooters. However, do not ignore the recoil of the gun. Players need to constantly adjust the “cross” when shooting to ensure that they hit the target.


If shooters that incorporate survival elements like PUBG Mobile are designed with dark backgrounds, Blockbusters is quite the opposite. It has a 3D graphics platform with a bright and beautiful background, so it is easily accessible to a wide audience. Besides, the details in the game are quite sharp, the character design style is unique and modern, the battle effect is vivid. Even so, it can still run smoothly on mobile platforms with medium to high configuration.

How to install Blockbusters

Step 1: Download the file Blockbusters (APK + OBB) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On your Android phone, unlock unknown settings.

Step 3: Tap Install OBB -> Select Blockbusters OBB (com.heyworks.blockbusters.zip) move to Android/Obb directory.

Step 4: Tap Select.

Step 5: Follow the steps on the screen.

Download Blockbusters MOD APK for Android

Blockbusters is a place where warriors show off their shooting skills and team spirit. There is no room for people who like to fight independently, so learn to mix well with the other members. Different players can fight together to win, that is the gameplay principle of this game. In addition to such unique gameplay, Blockbusters also owns high-end graphics and optimized controls. Therefore, it will definitely deliver a perfect mobile experience. Download the game now at the link below the article to participate in the most intense gun battles with lightning speed.

MOD Feature:

  • Dumb Enemies
  • No Ads


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