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If you have ever experienced the cult role-playing games from the publisher TENBIRDS, it is certainly impossible to ignore the appearance of Animus: Revenant. This product was just launched not too long ago and is a significant upgrade compared to the previous game. First, let’s have a quick look at this fascinating game.

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Introduce about Animus: Revenant

Animus: Revenant – Action RPG mobile game fighting the darkness

Animus: Revenant

Animus: Revenant brings an extremely gloomy world and is portrayed quite successfully with the highlights from the characters as well as the quality of the environment. By joining the game, players will enjoy the hack-n-slash tactical element. So everything needs to be calculated properly before taking any action. With an appearance on both the App Store and Google Play, the game allows you to quickly download and enjoy the game. Let’s go through a long journey with more than 20 to 48 hours of gameplay through a variety of content. All stories, tasks, and boss fights will be vividly reproduced right on the experience screen.

The dark world

By joining the game, players will explore the dark world, a time when people have to face many dangers from the forces in space. In the game, you will transform into a real warrior to carry out a mission to help the world get out of the current chaotic situation. In this journey, you will have to encounter extremely difficult challenges built-in. Be mentally prepared before joining the game. Right now, are you ready to write your own story and become a hero in Animus: Revenant?

Simple control system

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Like other games of the same genre, Animus: Revenant offers virtual keys that help players easily manipulate and perform directional skills. The virtual key system in the game is extremely convenient to bring simplicity to players during the experience. You will have a virtual steering wheel button to help the character move along with a virtual key system on the right of the experience screen to be able to perform your attacks. In general, with this control method, it will not take you too long to be able to master the game.

Start the journey

Initially, you will have to do the built-in tasks in the game to access the gameplay of Animus: Revenant. After completing the assigned challenges, players will receive worthy rewards to become stronger in the game. Note, the initial equipment will not bring too much power. You should experience the game long enough to own the weapons you want.

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The familiar features of the role-playing game series such as crafting weapons, changing equipment, etc. are also fully integrated into the game. Thereby, players can customize their equipment by upgrading or alternately using them in different situations. For example, when facing a giant boss, choosing a sword instead of an ax would be a perfectly reasonable idea.

In addition, players can move freely in the game without any constraints. This will help you to discover the interesting things that the game has to offer quickly.

Interesting Boss hunting feature

A special highlight from the game is the extremely diverse Boss system. They possess different skills and shapes that will surely make a strong impression on players. Of course, each Boss will bring different gameplay and make you feel extremely difficult to fight them. Note, they possess superior strength compared to you, so look for teammates to help you in this battle.

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In addition, the control mechanism of Animus: Revenant requires players to remember how to attack the character to be able to optimize the power they bring. Pay attention to the skills of each Boss, then come up with reasonable tactics to win each battle.

3D graphics platform

When participating in the game, you will have moments of experience similar to traditional PC games thanks to the beautiful 3D graphics platform. The details in the game are very sharp, promising to make you feel extremely satisfied right from the first experience. The transition effect in the game is relatively smooth, promising to bring extremely fierce and vivid battles. Note, because it has a high-end graphics format, you need to own a device with a high configuration to experience the game stably.

How to install Animus: Revenant

Step 1: Visit the MODDED-1 website and search for this game through the keyword “Animus: Revenant” to start downloading the game to your device.

Step 2: After the game download is complete, click the Install button to install.

Step 3: When the installation is successful, the icon of the game will appear on the main screen and you just need to touch it to experience it.

Note: Players need to provide certain permissions for the device if this is the first time downloading the APK or MOD file at our website.

Download Animus: Revenant APK for Android

Although only recently launched, Animus: Revenant has received a lot of positive feedback from players around the world. Through the next updates, the game will have new improvements to ensure smoothness during the player’s experience. Let’s discover the special highlights from this game by downloading the game using the link below.

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