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Join Anger of Stickman, players will enter the extremely fierce stickman war. Here, you will have to defeat the crowds on the streets to rescue innocent people from danger. Are you ready to become a real savior? First, let’s learn about the features of this game.

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Introduce about Anger of Stickman

Anger of Stickman – Classic stickman game with many missions of high difficulty

Anger of Stickman is the latest part in the famous stickman game series of publisher SENSPARK. This game is still developed according to the familiar action genre combined with an extremely attractive fighting style. Like other stickman-style games on the market, Anger of Stickman allows players to transform into strong stickmen.

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Your task is to control him to participate in a street battle. Thereby saving innocent people and completing assigned tasks as quickly as possible. Currently, this game has just been released on Google Play and has not appeared on the App Store. Therefore, users using iOS devices need to wait a little longer to experience the game.

The plot is interesting

The plot of this game is built from the negligence of the doctors in the experiment, which led to the spread of the virus around the world. Thereby turning innocent people into creepy Zombies. In the game, you will become brave guys, protecting those who have not been contaminated with the dangers of the Zombies pandemic. Of course, this is not a simple battle. But you also have to go through many stages if you want to become a hero in this game.

Fierce battle

Coming to Anger of Stickman, you will join an extremely fierce stickman fight. Enemies constantly appear on the streets and take innocent people as experimental tools. A lot of people turned into Zombies and attacked the rest. You must find a way against the enemy before things get worse by finding allies or using the weapons provided along the way.

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Players need to overcome challenges, prove themselves, fight flexibly and dodge enemy bullets to win. Besides, you need to upgrade weapons to avoid injury and win more victories. Accordingly, this game allows players to experience offline completely for free, along with the Multiplayer Duel arcade mode to fight other opponents through an internet connection.

Easy controls

The next highlight from this game is the extremely intuitive control system right on the screen. Anger of Stickman has a horizontal screen style. Therefore, you just need to touch the steering wheel button on the left of the screen to help your character move easily.

In addition, the virtual keys on the right of the screen will help you control the character to launch the most appropriate attacks in each situation. In general, players will need a long time of experience if they want to master many combat skills, and at the same time dodge enemy attacks to reduce damage.

Difficulty increases after each level

Remember that the number of levels in this game is quite diverse. So the next challenge will bring you a lot more difficulty. The number of enemies in each level will greatly increase and they will have many different types with completely different strengths. Therefore, you need to learn their characteristics carefully to be able to exploit their weaknesses easily.

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Note: Players will only have a certain amount of HP during the game experience. Therefore, if you take too much damage and bring your HP back to 0, you will lose and start over from the beginning.

The store system is quite diverse

In Anger of Stickman, there are two main types of money, gold, and diamond, both of which will help you own new items in the store. These items will help your character increase strength quickly in each level. Moreover, you can also use gold and diamonds to buy your favorite character during the experience. Gold and diamonds will appear randomly in each level so players can easily find them. Alternatively, you can also deposit money directly into the game to buy them instantly.

Simple graphic quality

Anger of Stickman possesses relatively simple graphic quality along with a familiar cartoon design style. The details in the game are shown relatively successfully such as buildings, sticks, streets, helping the player’s enjoyment process become more vivid than ever. In general, the display quality of this game is not too outstanding compared to other games of the same genre but can still make you feel satisfied with what it brings.

How to install Anger of Stickman

Step 1: Download Anger of Stickman (Original APK) version at MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Anger of Stickman APK for Android

Anger of Stickman is really one of the best stickman-style games at the moment. With more than 100 enemies appearing in the levels, will you defeat them all to win? Join the game now to get the most accurate answer. Hopefully, in the near future, the publisher will integrate more screens as well as add new features. This will help the quality of the player’s experience become more perfect.

Features MOD:

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