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Rapid Rabbit Game
Update OnMarch 18, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Alphabet Shooter APK is a survival game combined with a great FPS element for mobile devices. The only task of the player is to find a way to shoot down all the monsters on the screen to ensure their own safety. The special thing is that all enemies are shaped like regular letters, will you defeat them?

Note: You can also check out other letter-inspired games on our website like Alphabet: Room Maze or Alphabet Fall .io: Match Race.

Introduce about Alphabet Shooter

Alphabet Shooter – Shooting survival game that gives you endless fun

A series of letter monsters along with other famous villains are fully converging in Alphabet Shooter. Here, you will have to make the most optimal choice to ensure your own safety. You will have to confront them or become one of them, it is up to you to act.

The content of the game is also shown by the publisher Rapid Rabbit Game simply so that anyone can easily grasp it. More specifically, players will use available weapons to fight all monsters along the way. A lot of surprises are waiting for you to discover in this game. Please download Alphabet Shooter through Google Play or the APK link below the article to play it now.

Choose the right role

Before we get started, we want you to know that there are two roles that you can choose from when playing Alphabet Shooter. It’s to be human or to be a monster. Both of these roles will have a certain contrast when only one of these two roles will win each battle. Whatever role you choose, you need to try to help the main character survive as long as possible to win. Of course, each role in the game will have specific advantages in battles.

Become a monster or a human

As mentioned, your role in Alphabet Shooter greatly impacts the experience. Typically when becoming a human, you will use the weapons available on the map to fight the pursuit of monsters. Also, knock them down as quickly as possible to complete the assigned task.

Moreover, you can also use the map to detect teammates around and ask them to support you in dangerous situations. Conversely, if you become a monster, you will receive different powers. Use this superior power to chase after humans and finish them off as soon as possible if you don’t want to lose. Because when the human faction had collected all the weapons, the monster side’s chance of victory was very low.

Simplified control mechanism

The way to control the characters in this game is also designed to be very friendly and easy to get used to for any type of player. You can easily interact with the character through the virtual buttons that appear on the screen. They include a virtual steering wheel button on the left of the screen to move, and function keys such as aiming, shooting, jumping, and reloading. All are shown very carefully to give players the most comfortable feeling during control. Of course, you will have to combine these virtual buttons appropriately to maximize the effect they bring.

Awesome weapons and cool monsters

The weapon system in Alphabet Shooter also makes a strong impression on players through many different options. You can choose any weapon you want to destroy the enemy in each stage. Each type of weapon will have different effects in different situations, so learn carefully their characteristics before making a decision to use.

Besides, there is the appearance of famous monsters such as Doors, Rainbow Friends, Alphabet Lore, and more. They are all described in accordance with the original to give players an engaging combat experience. Not only stopping there, but the context in each stage will also change continuously to create a more novel feeling when playing. You can also take advantage of the terrain elements to make the battle process more effective.

Simple graphic design style, smooth animation

The simple graphic design helps Alphabet Shooter quickly win the hearts of many players. You will immediately notice the familiarity through the images of the villains. Also, it has an extremely well-designed environment along with colorful combat effects that will surely make you excited. In addition, the sound in the game is also very good with background music and outstanding sounds emitted when fighting.

How to install Alphabet Shooter

Step 1. You can download the APK version of Alphabet Shooter at Modded-1.com.

Step 2. On your Android phone, allow the game “Alphabet Shooter” to access unknown sources.

Step 3. Open the file “Alphabet Shooter_MOD_modded-1.com.apk”. Click install.

Step 4. The game icon will appear as “Alphabet Shooter”. You just need to access and experience the game.

Download Alphabet Shooter APK for Android

Alphabet Shooter is not just an ordinary hide-and-seek game that allows players to fight hand-to-hand with different villains. All you need to do is simply choose for yourself the right role and participate in the exciting battles according to your role. Do whatever it takes to win and show off your talent right away.


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