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Update OnNovember 7, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
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RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Welcome to Abandoned City Survival MOD APK, a new type of survival game that is receiving the love of many players. Are you ready for a real battle for survival in an abandoned city that has been ravaged by a nuclear war? Let us learn more about the game through this article.

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Introduce about Abandoned City Survival

Abandoned City Survival – Survival in an abandoned city has never been easy

Join Abandoned City Survival, players will immediately come to an abandoned city to start their battle for survival. Here, you need to be alert to everything around to help the main character always ensure safety. Not only you but also many lucky people who survived the nuclear war.

Abandoned City Survival

Let’s build a good life with them and restore the city with correct decisions. Besides, this is also a product from the famous CASUAL AZUR GAMES publisher, so you can be completely assured of what it brings. Abandoned City Survival has more than 1 million installs on Google Play. Get ready to experience exciting survival moments right on your mobile device.

Easy story

The approach of Abandoned City Survival is quite understandable when players will be exploring an abandoned city. This is a place that has been strongly affected by the previous nuclear war, making everything more desolate than ever. Everything is left in ruins, and you must help restore it to its former prosperity.

Your first task is to find the lucky survivors, and manage and assign tasks to them to develop everything from scratch. Of course, the appearance of different dangers will also make your battle for survival very difficult. To survive in this ruined world, you need to ensure a lot of different factors.

Looking for ingredients

This is the most important step that players need to take when playing the game for the first time. Abandoned City Survival requires players to control their characters to move around in search of necessary materials and resources. There are many places for you to find the resources you want. We believe that any type of resource will directly affect your life in this game.

Basically, the battle for survival in the game is aimed at freedom for all players. Therefore, you can do whatever you want to serve your survival needs. It can be exploring abandoned houses, searching for valuables, stealing cars, things from other people, and more. Do not ignore any details that appear in this game if you want to have a stable life.

Build a safe shelter

In fact, the abandoned city always existed with many different types of people. Not everyone has the same direction as you, they may be thieves specializing in plundering other people’s resources. Therefore, building a safe haven is essential for you to ensure that your resources are always safe. Initially, start by building a small house, then collect other types of resources to expand your safe area. Do not forget to build other useful works to serve the lives of the people here.

Create and upgrade useful tools

Abandoned City Survival provides players with many different types of resources that allow them to create useful tools. The more resources you own, the higher your chances of creating new tools will be. At the same time, this game also integrates hundreds of additional upgrades so that players can transform the abandoned city into a place worth living in. However, sometimes you will have to fight with other opponents to jostle for the right resources for your needs.

Beautiful 3D graphics

The details in the game are not described as too picky but still give players an interesting feeling during the enjoyment. The image is relatively simple along with the harmonious layout in terms of layout and color, making the game as outstanding and beautiful as possible. Thereby, players can enjoy vivid image quality right on the experience screen through reasonably integrated details. In addition, the transition effect in Abandoned City Survival is quite smooth. So you can easily experience it on low-profile devices.

How to install Abandoned City Survival

Step 1: You can download Abandoned City Survival by searching for the game name on Modded-1.com or clicking on the MOD APK link below this article.

Step 2: The install button will appear right on the screen after the download is complete. Click on it to install the game on your device.

Step 3: Click on the game icon available on the device to start experiencing the game immediately.

Download Abandoned City Survival MOD APK for Android

Although new to the game market, Abandoned City Survival really makes us feel impressed in many ways. This game is developed by the famous CASUAL AZUR GAMES publisher and they have had many successful products around the world. So there is no reason why this game should not bring you some joy. Try downloading the game using the APK link below this article to make the most accurate judgment.

Features MOD:

  • Unlocked All


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