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Update OnJanuary 13, 2023
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InternetGuard APK gives users comprehensive solutions related to browsing activities on Android devices. Confidentiality and safety for devices and data are the main factors that make this application so popular at the moment. You should refer to this article to better understand this application.

Note: You can also find some similar applications on our website like Guardilla VPN or NetGuard.

Introduce about InternetGuard

InternetGuard – An application that supports blocking or denying internet access

Have you ever heard of the concept of blocking internet access on Android devices? If not, then immediately use InternetGuard to better understand the effectiveness of this method. Accordingly, the publisher SheikhSoft has created a product that helps users a lot in the process of using Android devices.


For example, blocking internet access can help you reduce data usage, save battery life on your device, increase privacy, block adult websites, and more. Dozens of useful features that this application brings will help you a lot. You should try downloading InternetGuard through Google Play or the APK link below the article to use this application.

Allow or deny access to the internet

InternetGuard will help users control all activities on the internet through effective connection blocking rights. Typically, this app can allow or deny access to WiFi or mobile data on your Android device. As mentioned, the connection block feature will bring a lot of benefits to your device. Thereby providing a better management experience, device safety, and saving a lot of data. Besides, the connection blocking process will help you better control the data usage process and minimize consuming the device’s performance.

Many related options

As mentioned, the main feature of InternetGuard is to block web access to ensure stable device performance and avoid possible worst-case scenarios. Accordingly, this application will automatically create an effective firewall to ensure that your Android device is always in a safe state. At the same time, there will be many options related to the firewall that you should choose.

download internetguard mod

You can toggle to block the web when roaming, allow access when the screen is on, toggle apps running in the background, and more. Deeper customization gives you more control over your device. Besides, this application is regularly updated to ensure that the algorithms are always optimized. Thereby you do not need to worry too much about the application lagging behind the great development of the internet.

Get important notifications

InternetGuard also gives users the ability to receive important notifications in real-time. More specifically, you will receive related warnings every time you access a new internet network or it also gives warnings for websites with sensitive content. Based on this useful information, you will always be in control of related activities on the internet as well as the number of websites you visit. Of course, you need to grant notification access for this feature to work properly.

Safe to use

Many people think that InternetGuard is not really safe when it penetrates deeply into the system to create convenient security methods. But don’t worry, we can guarantee that this application will not invade any of your privacy during operation. The proof is that the publisher has committed not to track or store any information related to the user’s data.

In some cases, users may choose to record all inbound and outbound traffic for analysis. Then make the most accurate decisions about options throughout the application process. Moreover, this application is compatible with IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP and can be used for multiple devices at the same time.

Simple interface design, high efficiency

download internetguard apk

The simplicity of the interface design of InternetGuard will make you feel excited for the first time. All features are prominently designed on an efficient layout. Thanks to that, users will not have too much difficulty getting used to the main features available in this application. Moreover, relevant parameters and metrics are also fully integrated on the screen. You will easily control all activities related to your web browsing. In addition, you can also customize the theme based on the available options for the best experience.

How to install InternetGuard

Step 1: Click the “Download” link at the bottom of this article to download InternetGuard APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and wait until the installation is complete.

Step 3: Open the app and try it out on your Android phone.

Note, this application has a similar way to download and install the APK file without having to root the device to use it.

Download InternetGuard APK for Android

InternetGuard is considered a comprehensive solution for all types of users in the web browsing process. This application will minimize problems related to data leakage, virus infection, and more on your Android device. Moreover, it will not gain unauthorized access to your device under any circumstances to provide the highest level of security.

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