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Update OnMarch 3, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 4.1
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AVC: Antivirus MOD APK is a must-have tool on your phone. It cleans junk, frees up space, blocks malware, and keeps your phone safe from viruses. And you only need one tap to clean and speed up the game and optimize the device. Discover more about this app with us now.

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Introduce about AVC: Antivirus

AVC: Antivirus – Protect and optimize phone performance with just one tap

AVC: Antivirus is an application released by MefistoDev. It is one of the most prominent applications in the field of antivirus and phone cleaners. Today, your phone has to handle more than ever. But if you don’t regularly check your phone and take measures to clean, release and secure it, many problems will arise. Viruses are the most typical threat that can affect your personal documents. And the garbage in the phone will slow down the device speed, causing lag when playing games or browsing the web.

So, those are the reasons that you need to use this application as a necessary tool. It’s simple, lightweight but has a bunch of useful features to protect your phone. Any user can access it and use the feature with a few taps on the screen. No frills are required and can be accessed daily for quick virus check and cleanup. What was more amazing? Let’s take a look at the most outstanding features of AVC: Antivirus.

Check and clean virus

This application uses an advanced antivirus to scan and warn the user of the sources of infection on the phone. It performs a full system scan, from your applications, software, and web surfing. Thereby, it will let users know the level of risk of the applications on the phone and guide users to handle the risk within a note. With this app, you can safely surf the web and use your favorite apps without worrying about malware or spyware.

Clean up junk and free up space

There is a lot of junk and unnecessary files on the user’s phone but they may not be aware of it. But AVC: Antivirus will clean all cache and junk on your behalf, freeing up space. With a larger capacity, users can store more new content. And rest assured that this application will not touch important files. It only cares about files that have been on the phone for a long time but are not used or applications that have been deleted but are still in the phone memory.

Boost game and browsing speed

Garbage is also a part of affecting the user’s game speed on the phone. But if after cleaning the junk, it doesn’t improve the speed, they should think about boosting the games with this app. It will instantly optimize your device to increase game speed and even browsing speed. Thus, you will have a smooth entertainment experience immediately.

Extend battery life

This is a rare feature in many apps of the same genre. But AVC: Antivirus will let you use it for free. It helps your phone extend battery life by adjusting performance. It will have three options for 3 modes of battery health, including General (recommended when the battery is full), Prolong (recommended when the battery is low), and Sleep (recommended at night). As a result, your phone will be used properly with different battery conditions, helping to harness energy efficiency and keep the battery stable.

Application security

Besides features related to garbage cleaning and virus removal, this application also helps users secure applications with passwords. It helps to encrypt applications to limit the access of strangers, thereby limiting the risk of interference with personal data. At the same time, with the feature of cleaning malware, this application has made a great contribution to protecting the phone and user data from the problem of data theft, which is very common today.

How to install AVC: Antivirus

If you want to download AVC: Antivirus MOD APK at Modded-1.com, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the download link in this article and wait a few seconds to start downloading the file.

Step 2: Once the download is complete, click on the file and select Install to start the installation of the file on your phone.

Step 3: Open the application and start using its features.

Download AVC: Antivirus MOD APK for Android

AVC: Antivirus has a lot of useful features to protect and optimize your phone. Even so, its use is very simple, just taps to perform any task. The application interface is intuitive, the feature icons are clear, making it easy to find and use quickly. So anyone should have this app on their phone. It doesn’t take long for it, just go to the app, check the notifications and do a few taps cleaning.


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