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Update OnNovember 8, 2022
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528 Player Pro MOD APK is a music player application capable of converting song frequencies to 528hz and 432hz. Thanks to that, users can enjoy music at the best quality to always feel relaxed, happy, and healed.

Note: You can explore many other music applications such as Audiomack and Yandex Music on Modded-1.

Introduce about 528 Player Pro

528 Player Pro – Huge music store with favorite frequencies

528 Player Pro is a music player application from the publisher Appum Studios. But it is different from normal music applications by the music frequency conversion feature. It brings a rich music store with many genres suitable for a wide range of music listeners. But its most outstanding feature is the automatic conversion of music frequency to 528hz. Thanks to that, it gives users the best music listening quality.

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This app costs about 5$ per install on Google Play. But we share it for free with you with APK or MOD files. With the MOD version, you can use it for free for life with an additional Pro package with a bunch of advanced features. There are no ads and many background image customizations will be available to try.

Why is music in 528hz?

We will explain a little about music with a frequency of 528hz. It is a music frequency that can turn any song into a love tune. This music has the ability to heal the soul, helping people to feel relaxed. Therefore, it is recommended by doctors for people who often experience stress and depression. Thanks to that, it is possible to help cure psychological problems with music alone.

This was proven and confirmed at the end of the 20th century. Up to now, music in 528hz has always been considered perfect music for all living things in the world. And 528 Player Pro makes it easy to get that music right on your phone. It owns a music store that can be converted to 528hz any time you want. Thanks to that, you can create a library full of the best music to relax all the time.

Rich music store, many genres

This app has a wide variety of music genres, including electronic music, Indian music, jazz, metal, pop-rock, punk rock, and many more. Users can find them in their library and choose to play them randomly or follow a playlist they created themselves. When playing, 528 Player Pro will automatically temporarily convert tracks to 528hz frequency. Whereas, if the song has a frequency of 440hz, it will convert to 444hz.

If you want to convert forever for any song, simply click on that song and select “Pitch to 528hz”. Manipulating music frequencies has never been so easy. Everything happens in a flash with the finished product quality. All the tunes of the song are completely at the desired frequency, there is no partial transition.

Smart search

To search for their favorite music, users can search in many ways. Specifically, search by song title, albums, or artist. 528 Player Pro will automatically filter the library and return the closest results to the user’s search. In general, the accuracy is quite high, making music search easy and fast. This is an indispensable thing in every music application. So this app did it well enough to make everyone happy.

Personalize your listening experience

When using 528 Player Pro, users can set up their favorite playlists and name them as they like. The maximum number of playlists is limitless, just click “Add new playlist” then choose your favorite songs and create a new small library. The playlist will help personalize your listening experience. Instead of randomly playing songs in the archive, you can choose to play a secondary playlist that includes only your favorite songs.

Besides, users can also personalize the music player interface with light or dark wallpapers and themes. In addition, the additional Pro package also has an “Orientation Change” feature to try with portrait or landscape images for music wallpapers.

Intuitive and familiar interface

Basically, this application looks quite familiar because it owns an interface design that is not too new. The songs are arranged in order, by albums, artists, or playlists. Thanks to that, the search is very easy. In addition, the music player interface is no different from normal music applications. It also includes song backgrounds, song transitions, shuffle, loop play, stop/play, and more. So manipulating this application is not difficult. Users can get used to it right at the first use.

How to install 528 Player Pro

Step 1: Click the link at the end of this article to download the MOD or APK version of 528 Player Pro.

Step 2: Click on the downloaded file and select “Install”. The file installation will follow shortly and usually takes about 1 minute.

Step 3: Installation is complete, 528 Player Pro will be ready to work on your phone.

Download 528 Player Pro MOD APK for Android

528 Player Pro is the perfect music player where you find the best 528hz music. Listening to normal music is probably too familiar, but if you want to find healing music, then this is the right choice. Set up your favorite music playlist and enjoy it every time you need it.

Features MOD:

  • Extra/AD-Free


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