432 Player Pro 41.51 APK + MOD [Extra, AD-Free] Download

Appum Studios
Update OnFebruary 1, 2023
MOD FeaturesExtra, AD-Free
Category Music & Audio
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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432 Player Pro MOD APK is a newly released music player at the moment. The highlight of this application is that it can play all types of users’ sounds and music at 432hz with the highest quality. Moreover, this application is compatible with most of today’s music formats to give users the best experience. Join us to learn more about it.

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Introduce about 432 Player Pro

432 Player Pro – HiFi Lossless 432hz music player boosts frequencies in real-time

For those of you who do not know, Appum Studios is a publisher specializing in the production of applications that support music playback with many different frequency options. They develop regular applications, along with some Pro versions with more advanced features. 432 Player Pro is a typical example. This application allows players to increase the frequency of songs up to 432hz to experience the best sound.

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This will allow users to enjoy sound to the fullest extent because the 432hz frequency is considered by many musicians and scientists to be more suitable for the whole essence of music. Accordingly, because it is the Pro version, you will have to spend a fee equivalent to $ 7 to be able to download it through Google Play. If you want to experience it for free, you can also choose to download it through the APK link we provide below this article.

Pitch shifting to 432hz and 528hz

As the name suggests, 432 Player Pro gives users the ability to shift the pitch of 432hz tracks in real-time. No matter what frequency the song is in, this application will automatically convert in a short time to provide the best audio experience for users. As of now, this application supports up to 30 thousand radio stations from all over the world.

Thanks to that, you can customize the pitch to any frequency you want, but the best is still 432hz. Besides, the application also supports many different audio formats, and lossless formats (ape, flac, alac, wav, m4a, and more). Thanks to that, users can easily choose for themselves the appropriate music or audio tracks to convert.

Find everything in a simple way

The search feature in 432 Player Pro has been continuously improved in recent versions, so far it has reached stability and become perfect. Thanks to that, you can easily search for all data through this application simply through the Search icon available on the screen. Of course, your input data should also ensure high reliability for the most accurate search results. The search process is also quite fast, in just a few seconds you can find the results you want.

Create custom playlists

This feature allows users to easily customize playlists to suit their preferences to listen to next time. All you need to do is simply pick out your favorite tracks and add them to a custom playlist. The next time you use it, 432 Player Pro will automatically suggest your playlist to start the listening process right away. Moreover, the application also allows users to add music from the device’s memory or from an existing database to create playlists instantly.

No ads when using

For music streaming applications on mobile platforms, the appearance of ads is relatively familiar to users. 432 Player Pro is exactly the opposite because this is a paid Pro version. So you will not encounter ads when using it. This will make the user’s audio enjoyment process more complete and seamless than ever before. Besides, this application also supports Bluetooth connections to help you connect with many other audio devices.

Support custom interface

432 Player Pro is one of the few music playback applications on mobile platforms that allows users to customize the interface. Besides the modern interface available with many useful features, you can also customize the interface according to your preferences. The first is to start changing the interface color with the Light or Dark theme available in a variety of colors. New custom themes will also be released in the next updates to give users more choices. Overall, the interface of this application is quite intuitive, colorful, and easy to get used to for new users.

How to install 432 Player Pro

Step 1: Download 432 Player Pro (APK or MOD Version) from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings and allow apps to access the phone.

Step 3: Tap Install and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 4: After successful installation, click on the application’s icon to be able to use it immediately.

Download 432 Player Pro MOD APK for Android

In summary, 432 Player Pro is one of the 432hz music players that you should download to your device. This application will provide you with the ultimate audio experience, along with compatibility with many popular sounds. Besides, users can also customize the sound quality or even the interface of the application to feel more enjoyable to use.

Features MOD:

  • Extra
  • AD-Free


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