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Adidas Runtastic
Update OnDecember 19, 2022
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adidas Training MOD APK is an effective bodybuilding application that is highly appreciated by the user community. You just need to persevere in training according to the schedule outlined in this application to be able to achieve your physical goals in the shortest time. In this article, let’s learn more about the advantages of this application.

Note: You can also find some apps with similar functionality on our website like Freeletics Training Coach or Stretch Exercise.

Introduce about adidas Training

adidas Training – Application to support bodybuilding by optimal methods

adidas Training

Currently, you can find a lot of effective fitness training applications on mobile platforms. Each application is built in its own way by leading experts. Of course, you should thoroughly research each app’s training program because each app will serve a specific fitness goal. If you’re looking for a more versatile fitness app, adidas Training will be a perfect choice.

This application from the publisher Adidas Runtastic can fully meet the user’s fitness goals, including maintaining fitness, losing fat, building muscle, burning calories, and more. All exercises are carefully guided so that anyone can practice according to the correct movements to achieve the highest efficiency. Currently, adidas Training has reached more than 10 million installs on Google Play, so you can rest assured about the content it brings.

Suitable for all user training needs

As mentioned, adidas Training is a versatile fitness training application suitable for many uses. If you are wondering which exercise to choose, the system will customize it to help you quickly. Accordingly, users need to enter some body-related information the first time they use it.

Examples include measurements, fitness goals, and more. Based on these parameters, the system will calculate and provide you with specific training plans. The special thing is that you can apply these exercises and practice anywhere such as indoors, outdoors, gym, and more. As of now, this app offers more than 180 different exercises that are sure to give you variety during your workout.

Clear workout plan, lots of customization

The flexibility in the training process makes adidas Training more appreciated than other training support applications on the mobile platform. Accordingly, the application will provide users with an effective exercise plan according to different needs in terms of hours, individual practice situations, and more.

You can choose a short exercise for about 5-7 minutes if you do not have much time for bodybuilding. On the contrary, you can practice on a 30-45 minute route to get the best results. It all depends on the user’s training needs, the system will not interfere with your options.

Simulate exercises via video

All exercises in adidas Training are simulated through video. More specifically, each video records the training process of top fitness trainers, not merely 3D models like other applications. Thanks to that, users can clearly understand the exercise movements through these high-quality HD videos. The number of new videos that will continuously increase over time will make you feel more satisfied than ever.

Set goals and record workout progress

To reach fitness goals quickly, users need to set goals and try to complete them on schedule. adidas Training allows users to freely customize training intensity as well as training time in a week. After customizing the parameters, a notification will appear every day to remind you to practice.

Besides, the measurement tool in the application is also integrated very accurately. This will help you to record your daily training through metrics like Kcal and training time. We firmly believe that this information will help you know your ability and try harder every day.

Minimalist, modern interface

adidas Training pays great attention to interface design to help users achieve the highest efficiency during training. In the first use, the detailed instruction system will help you easily get used to the usage of this application. At the same time, the main features are also placed in intuitive locations, easy to understand for new users. The training process is also shown through a lot of specific parameters that will surely make you feel satisfied.

How to install adidas Training

Step 1: Download adidas Training (MOD Premium Unlocked) version developed by MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android mobile device.

Step 3: Open the file “adidas Training_MOD_modded-1.com.apk”. Click install.

Step 4: You need to follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Download adidas Training MOD APK for Android

adidas Training will help users achieve their dream body by persistently practicing according to the set schedule. The exercises in this app are highly realistic with short videos that are sure to keep you satisfied throughout your practice. Become a member of the community of fitness enthusiasts through this application now. Besides, you should download the MOD version on our website to be able to enjoy the most premium features of this application.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Unlocked


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