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Oculus APK is the go-to app for VR headsets, helping users manage apps, events, and notifications in VR. It’s all gathered in this app and fits snugly in your phone for easy management and access at all times.

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Introduce about Oculus

Oculus – Manage VR apps on your phone

Oculus is a fairly new app from Facebook aka Meta. It is part of the Multiverse plan recently introduced by Meta for a virtual world connecting millions of users worldwide. In fact, VR (virtual reality) is a concept known a long time ago, allowing people to see and feel things around in virtual form. But to use VR, we have to resort to VR devices, typically VR headsets. And to manage these devices, Facebook brings you an app, which is Oculus.

It allows the management of thousands of VR-enabled applications, typically mobile games. As a result, users don’t have to rummage around to find their favorite VR game. Just fire up the app, pick up the game and start enjoying a super immersive VR experience. But that’s not all, many more convenient features of Oculus will be introduced to you shortly.

Manage 1000+ apps in Oculus Store

Well, it is indeed an impressive number. More than 1000 apps in the Oculus store can be managed through a phone app, which is pretty amazing. But it is the truth. Oculus allows users to browse and purchase any game in its store and experience it directly without limit. Just spend the amount corresponding to the price of the game, you can experience it in VR at any time using a VR-enabled device. There are no additional fees, as Oculus is a free management app.

In fact, users can also visit the website to search, buy and experience the game. However, this application acts as a sales application. It brings convenience to all users when it gathers everything in one. So the search does not take you time and the management of favorite games is also easier. That is the utility that Oculus wants to bring to users.

Reserve virtual seats in events

A very prominent feature of Oculus is this. It allows users to reserve virtual seats during live events such as sports and concerts. This feature seems to be worthless and was once seen as a piece of crap. However, in this era when the epidemic is evolving more and more complicated, you will see how useful it is. A lot of events are now held online and this app will make it easier and more convenient for you to keep track of them than ever before. No need to sign up for a form or go through lengthy steps, just go to the app and choose your seat, then register and receive notifications.

Besides, users can also receive notifications about other friends in VR, events they want to participate in, and many hot contents daily. So, Oculus is like a dedicated environment for VR, helping users manage their VR inbox for quick information tracking. No need to go to different places to see notifications anymore, just have this app to see them all in one place.

Connect and chat with friends

To date, the Oculus community has numbered in the millions. So it forms a very large network of virtual users and will continue to expand in the near future. Users can search, interact and chat with friends in VR to share experiences or invite them to play games or participate in events. Everything is very easy, just go to “Friends” to see your friends’ activities and find many new friends.

User-friendly and accessible interface

Like most phone apps today, Oculus is designed with a black background and striking color details. It makes every feature intuitive on the screen, making it easy to find and interact with. In addition, the content is clearly divided into sections, with short descriptions and accompanying images. So anyone can easily find what they want in this application after just a few taps. Thanks to that, it can reach many users, especially those in the VR community.

How to install Oculus

Step 1: Download the Oculus MOD APK application at Modded-1.com via the “Download” link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Select Install to install the file. Please wait about 1 minute for the installation to complete.

Step 3: The application icon will appear on the phone screen as soon as the installation process is finished. You just need to click on it to open the app and give it a try.

Download Oculus APK for Android

Oculus will be the must-have app for VR users. Because it helps optimize the experience of the most popular VR applications in the Oculus Store today. You’ll need VR devices to connect to the app, then enjoy your favorite VR experiences. You can even connect with many other users in a game, an event, and more. And of course, you’ll receive notifications from the events you attend and daily highlights. All are available in one place, which is Oculus.

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