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Update OnDecember 6, 2021
MOD FeaturesAllow Screen Record
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Livestream online or connect with hundreds of idols who are live streaming with Bunny Live – The Livestream application that many people love at the moment. There are quite a few apps that support Livestream on mobile platforms right now, but why are we introducing Bunny Live? The answer will be in this article.

Note: You can also refer to some similar applications like SoLive or YouTube Vanced.

Introduce about Bunny Live

download bunny live mod apk

Similar to other Livestream apps, Bunny Live allows users to freely live stream right on their smartphone or tablet. It can be seen that this is not the first application to support Livestream, but it is really perfect in many different aspects. Especially, this is also the first product of the publisher Bunnycompany. Therefore, it is packed with many outstanding features that promise not to disappoint you. Present, this app has achieved more than 1 million installs on Google Play. Quickly download Bunny Live to your device and experience now.

How it works

Bunny Live has a relatively familiar way of working, and it resembles a miniature social network during use. When someone Livestream on the platform, the system will generate a corresponding ID code. This means that the user only needs to enter the ID code to be able to access that Livestream room immediately.

Furthermore, as a guest, you can interact directly with the live streamer by commenting through the built-in chatbox. They can view all of your comments and reply right on the Livestream. Bunny Live also supports gift-giving, so don’t forget to give gifts to Livestreamers so they have more motivation to grow.

Show talent

Basically, this app allows any user to Livestream on its platform, but not everyone becomes an idol easily. Initially, users need to fill out their information on a registration form. All this information will be strictly moderated by the publisher before granting the Livestream permission to someone. This will help the idol community in Bunny Live be legally guaranteed, to avoid the case where fake information sources can also Livestream.

After being successfully granted the Livestream permission, users can create a room and stream it whenever they want. This is also the time when you need to show off your talent to attract viewers because there are so many idols in the app that you need to show something different. Try out popular fields like storytelling, singing, dancing, and confiding. If you have a certain number of fans, you can earn money by accepting gifts from your fans and convert to cash.

Increase engagement

If you become an idol and own a certain amount of views, connect with other idols to increase engagement. It works quite simply, just clicks on the thumbnail in the left corner of the screen and you can switch to their room instantly. If they agree, now the two can chat or offer mini-games to attract viewers, thereby increasing the number of views quickly. Of course, you can also turn down Dual and other idols when you’re not really ready.

Recommended features

Maybe you do not know, every day there are hundreds or thousands of idols live streaming through Bunny Live. So it will be difficult to find the idols you want to see without knowing their IDs. Fortunately, the recommended feature of this application works extremely effectively, it will automatically list idols based on the user’s criteria and preferences right on the home screen. Thereby, you just need to click on their avatar to immediately enter the Livestream room. Besides, users can also swipe up or swipe down to join other idols’ rooms at random.

Become an outstanding supporter

Featured supporters will get a number of perks once they reach enough bonus points. To earn bonus points, you need to give them to your favorite idol, the number of points will be proportional to the gift. Of course, you will have to spend cash to buy gifts in Bunny Live. When you become a prominent supporter, your name will be covered with special symbols. This means that idols will easily see you while they are live-streaming.

Charts updated regularly

In addition to the aforementioned features, Bunny Live also integrates idol rankings by day, month, and year. The outstanding idols who get the most gifts or views will definitely be named on this honor chart. Remember that the position and rank of idols will continuously change over a certain period of time. Therefore, you must always try to achieve the highest performance and be on the rankings.

How to install Bunny Live

Note: To install Bunny Live Premium, you need to do a few steps below.

Step 1: Download the MovieMate version (MOD Allow Screen Record) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Proceed to install the APK as usual.

Step 3: Open and experience free movies.

Download Bunny Live MOD APK for Android

With Bunny Live, users will be satisfied their endless entertainment needs by watching the Livestream video of top idols in the world. Besides, you can also register to become an idol thanks to your talent. Thereby, earning more income by live-streaming regularly and attracting more supporters. Overall, it’s a really great app so you’ll need to download it now on your device.

MOD Features:

  • Allow Screen Record


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