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Update OnDecember 6, 2021
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Parsec MOD APK is a great solution for you to play games with your friends online on any device, even the weakest ones. You can connect your desktop to any other display, even a phone or tablet. Connecting with friends for online gaming is no longer a problem with Parsec’s smooth transmission quality. So what else do you hesitate? Download the app to your device now.

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Introduce about Parsec

Parsec – Application for streaming and connecting multiple devices

Parsec is the first application from the publisher Parsec Cloud Inc. It was released not long ago for many platforms, including Windows, Android… But now, this application has attracted more than 500 thousand installs on Google Play even though it is only an early access version. Therefore, we can confirm its utility to the needs of users, especially those who love playing games. Parsec

So far, Parsec is still in the process of finalizing the features. So it can happen unexpected errors. The publisher Parsec Cloud Inc also mentioned this issue and promised to complete their project soon. Therefore, if you have a need to use the application, you can download it at the link at the end of this article or on Google Play with the early access version.

A great solution to play games with friends

Previously, when you wanted to play PC games with friends, you needed to have at least 2 PC devices with strong enough configuration to load the game. However, this can be inconvenient if one of the players has a weak device. Understanding the psychology of many gamers, Parsec was born with the mission of connecting every player in their favorite games on a single device. Accordingly, your team only needs a well-configured PC to connect to this app and games. The rest can be accessed using any device, such as a phone or tablet. From there, everyone can play with each other through an Internet connection as usual.

In particular, connecting through Parsec gives users 60FPS stream quality and high definition. Therefore, lag is no longer a problem that causes headaches for you and your friends. Even though you play games on mobile, you can still enjoy the sharpness and smoothness of PC games. That is the advantage that makes this application useful and pleasing to all its users.

Compatibility with unique game collection

With the ability to connect devices at the same time, Parsec allows users to play games with a variety of unique options. Especially, it is compatible with Arcade games for multiplayer, like CUPHEAD, CRAWL, Super CLASH Bros, osu!, DEAD OR ALIVE 6. Therefore, users can enjoy this app for hours with friends. The experience with your favorite game is no different than when you play it directly on the desktop.

The way to connect is quite simple, just a desktop computer connected to the Parsec application. The user then invites other users in and they can connect as soon as they click “Connect”. Just like that, people can play games locally for a long time without paying any fees.

Connect with friends anytime, anywhere

So, with Parsec, users can connect with others wherever they are. Even when they’re on the go, it’s easy for them to play games with friends or view important projects on other people’s PCs. This app will bring people together despite the geographical distance. But make sure the connection is stable so that playback with Parsec goes smoothly on your device. The recommended connection quality is the 5Ghz Wifi network.

Simple interface that anyone can access

Parsec is recommended for users 12 years of age and older. Therefore, it possesses an optimized interface design for many platforms for anyone to access quickly. On the home screen, you can access the app’s features by clicking the icons on the left side of the screen.

It includes game listings, uploads, settings, friends management, and more. When clicking on each item, the user will open the corresponding content interface. Everything is visually visible against a dark background but what stands out the most are the unique arcade titles for quick search and selection.

How to install Parsec

To download this app for the Android platform, simply follow these 4 steps:

  • Download the version APK or MOD of Parsec at Modded-1.com.
  • Next, enable settings on your device, search for unknown installation and enable it.
  • Then, open the file Parsec_MOD_modded-1.com.apk and install it.
  • Finally, just open the app, choose your favorite game and connect with your friends to play.

Download Parsec MOD APK for Android

Parsec is an app not to be missed if you want to play games locally and remotely with your friends. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can enjoy a smoother experience than ever on any game from simple to high-quality graphics. What’s more, it’s the solution to connecting your desktop to any monitor to play games or view important projects on the go. That’s the best feature of Parsec.

Features MOD

  • Free Subscription


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