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Update OnMarch 14, 2023
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Learn more than 34 different languages ​​right on your phone with FunEasyLearn. This is an outstanding language learning app that can help you hone a variety of skills, including vocabulary, grammar, writing, and communication. If you are struggling to find a companion in the process of learning a foreign language, FunEasyLearn will be the best choice at the moment.

Note: Other similar apps like Duolingo or Wattpad are also available on Modded-1.com.

Introduce about FunEasyLearn

FunEasyLearn – One of the top language learning apps

Recently, mobile language learning applications have become more and more popular. They are one of the most visited application categories by the user community. There is no denying that there are many such applications available today, but not all of them are effective. Therefore, users in demand are still struggling with finding a really impressive foreign language learning application. If you are too, then FunEasyLearn, the application from the publisher of the same name, should be your first choice. Why? I will tell you the answer now.

Study every time and everywhere

FunEasyLearn is a free language learning app. Users can download it from Google Play or App Store easily. It can work smoothly on any device and works even without an Internet connection. This is the great feature that I love the most about FunEasyLearn. In the past, when using a few similar language learning apps, I always bothered when they asked for online learning. Sometimes I don’t have Internet when I go to certain places, and then my studies get in the way. Moreover, the Internet connection also caused me a lot of trouble with ads. I know you hate this too.

Learn 34 different languages

Not only English, but FunEasyLearn also provides learning programs of many other popular languages. They include French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Portuguese. Therefore, this application will be suitable for a wide range of users and meet a variety of needs. This is an advantage that not all applications have.

Learn Alphabets and Vocabulary

I want to give an example of learning the most popular language today, it’s English. FunEasyLearn will bring a basic alphabet and all the rules for reading them. This is the best way for someone new to a certain language. Next, this application also has a treasure with more than 3000 most common words, including verbs, adjectives, adverbs. They are distributed into different sentences, accompanied by vivid images. This helps users learn faster and remember longer.

Learn to communicate

As you know, most of the foreign language learning apps today mainly focus on vocabulary and grammar. But FunEasyLearn doesn’t just stop there. The app also has short but effective communication lessons, ranging in difficulty from basic to advanced. It provides more than 5000 most frequently used communication sentences, distributed into 20 topics and 120 sub-topics.

These are topics that cover everyday communication situations or travel situations. Different from the usual memorization, this method of FunEasyLearn will help users feel more interesting. Besides, it also promotes creativity and creates an experience in handling situations in communication.

Is FunEasyLearn right for you?

Anyone who wants to use FunEasyLearn asks: “Is it right for me?”. I want to answer that, FunEasyLearn is a language learning app for everyone. First, when new to this application, users will go through a simple test. After finishing the test, FunEasyLearn will provide users with a learning path suitable for their level.

Besides, the lessons of this application are built based on the scientific method of learning. They use visuals and direct communication to provide fun and varied lessons. So, no matter what level you are at, you can easily absorb knowledge. In addition, FunEasyLearn also allows you to track your daily learning progress. It will show you where your chart is and suggest appropriate lessons.

The interface is as simple as it is impressive

When looking at FunEasyLearn, I feel it is quite different from other similar applications, especially in the interface. Although it is not too fancy, it still leaves an impression on users from the first time. Just touch the content displayed on the screen and you can unfold the next great thing. Besides, the illustrations in the application are shown by hand-drawn strokes, both close and realistic. Therefore, it can suit the aesthetic of many users.

How to install FunEasyLearn

Step 1: Download the free FunEasyLearn app for Android from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the file FunEasyLearn_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Click install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to complete the installation of “FunEasyLearn”

Download FunEasyLearn MOD APK for Android

FunEasyLearn is a language learning application that can be suitable for all users. You can study for free, anytime, anywhere, and follow a course that suits your level. Besides, it also provides a huge vocabulary of many different languages ​​​​in the world. But the lessons here are as simple as games. Learning while playing is the best language learning method that you can practice every day. What are you waiting for? Start your journey with FunEasyLearn now.


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